more sex education in schools

people seem to be irritated about the wholeabuse of the benefits system and all that stuff. i understand that; personally i thinkbenefits are a really good thing, its the abuse of the benefits system that people arereally really peeved about. what i tend to say about that whole situation is: abuse ofthe benefits system is nothing new! i know a woman in her sixties who has been on benefitsall her life, social security, she lives in

more sex education in schools

more sex education in schools, council housing, nothing wrong with point is she's never worked a day in her life, never done a days work! so back in thetimes of blair and before that margaret thatcher, these sort of issues were going on. peopleare just really really peeved about it now simply because times are so hard and peopleare working so much and so hard for so little.

people are really really peeved about it,but if you look at that programme on channel 4 called skint a few weeks back in june orlate may, people had a real opinion about how people spend their benefits. people are peeved because there seems to bea real unfairness with everything. this whole "we're in it together" thing. we're obviouslynot all in it together; the people who work and are really struggling don't feel we'reall in it together. the politicians aren't in it with us, all the big companies whereall the scandals are coming out, they're not in it with us. the companies who aren't payingtax and won't be for another 150 years, they're not in it with us. look at all the scandalswe've had in the last twelve months, the ones

about petrol the ones about tax, and thenyou've got someone like cameron wanting to give jimmy carr a hard time for taking hismoney off shore where the government can't get at it. which wasn't illegal. of course it wasn'tillegal; this is it! this is what we have to remember, what he did was nothing illegal.i don't see the difference between him doing that to keep his money in his pockets andthe big companies who are avoiding paying huge amounts of tax. mega mega mega money!and rather than pay those dividends forward to the customer or the people who're reallystruggling...greed! the whole system is based on just this greed; i'm not saying anythingthat people don't already know...but the benefits

thing; i don't think you're ever really goingto change. not unless you put a brick through the whole thing and you build it back up again,but people are always going to have something detrimental to say about benefits becausewith people on benefits you'd automatically assume they're scroungers. and not all ofthem are, that's not right! there's plenty of people who are on benefits who've fallenon hard times... most of them. most of them aren't. you're not wrong. they're talking about revampingthe system. you've got to get people off benefits, you've got to stop paying people for doingnothing, that is all very true! but there is no point in you taking people off benefitswhen there are no jobs to go into. the fundamental

problem with the benefits system is you'regiving people more incentive to not work as opposed to going out there and looking forjobs. that's the problem first of all where i'm concerned. now there's another problemthere because what people get on job seekers allowance isn't really enough to live on anyway;so how do you close the gap between giving people enough to live on with jsa when theyhave genuinely fallen on hard times as well as making sure what they earn is even decent?there are just problems! its unreasonable to think that anyone could live on job seeker'sallowance alone, but at the same time its also unreasonable to make it the case thatyou incentivise people to do nothing rather than something, because then they will donothing. and my personal problem is with people

who do nothing and have been doing nothingfor a long long time. i'm not just talking since the recession hit...i remember watchingwife swap years ago; and you had this guy who'd been out of work for eight years! notreally looking for jobs; but it is what it is. is it not the case of...if you can't affordto have the child don't have the child? because you said that there are people who have childrento get the benefits... i think know what? i'm going togo there. i reckon we should start off doing what china does! in china, they have a systemwhere if you're in a government job you have to follow government rules. one of the governmentrules is you can only have one child; i think

that's how i understand it anyway. now, iknow that seems really really extreme but think about it. we don't have enough housingin this country, there aren't enough jobs apparently, there isn't enough money to goround. if that's the case, then explain to me why putting a slow cap or stamp down onpeople having as many kids as they want isn't a good idea? i think its worth consideration.i don't think its fair that you've got a household of ten, and seven of those are kids when thesepeople aren't working. you're not putting anything into the system, you're just taking!what really riles people up is the attitude of these people; they think its their rightto say "my parents put into the system so now i'm taking it out."

really? you're really going to go there? you'regoing to really try to justify your non contribution to society in that way? what riles me up aboutit is you've got a situation where, its this attitude of "i'm going to do what i feel like,and...screw everybody else" how can you have that sort of attitude when you are in a societywith other people? you've got sixty five to seventy million people in the uk at the minute,something like that? how can you tell me that its ok for you to do what you want to do;to live your life how you like at the expense of other people or on the dime of other peoplebecause of how they're working and on their pennies, but you don't care what they think?of course they're going to have an opinion! its ignorant. my bone of contention with thisparticular issue is the people who talk, and

talk and talk about wanting to get jobs andobviously have no interest, or the people who sit at home and breed themselves to deathand have no interest in finding work. then you've got these type of men who say "i'veworked solid for x amount of years; i've fallen on hard times and i'm on the dole." ok. howlong is that going to last? now you've got people who've because times are so hard, havebeen out of work for a year or two possibly, or maybe even a bit longer. alright fine.but like i say, there's a difference between that and something else, you've got extremeexamples. and these extreme examples of "i've fallen on hard times, i can't really affordto have a baby but i'll have one anyway because i've put into the system" that attitude isgoing to make people feel a certain way (because

the government will pay for it...) its that attitude, but my thing is why areyou relying on the government to do anything for you? the government have their place,but too many people rely on the government. "we should have more sex education in schools","the government should teach my child this", "the government should make it so i'm allowedto do that or i can do this". you're not in the real world! the reality is the governmenthas its relative place to keep order, to keep the economy...stable within reason. but youexpect the government to wipe your ass and feed you? in its place that's fine, but whenthat comes out of the mouths of people who've never worked a day in their lives it rilespeople up, it riles me up! so i feel a certain

way when i hear these people on the radio,or i read in the paper or i see on the tv this thing about "i've had three kids...orfive kids and i haven't worked in x amount of years and i don't see why i shouldn't starta family". well for the simple reason that you're not paying for them, this is what theissue is! if you were paying for them off your own back, no-one would probably be makingan issue but you're not paying for them! "we're paying for them!" is what people are saying;"we want our money back!" and all this sort of thing. so people are going to feel a certainway. so when you have jimmy carr doing his thing and you have a situation where peopleare refusing to pay tax; its wrong, but i understand it. because where are our taxesgoing? where is it going to? who is it going

to? the roads are in a mess! the entire countryis in a mess. the government has all this coming in even though they're still bankrupt...theplace is completely fucked! so its no wonder people don't want to pay tax because theywonder where it goes to.


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