sex education materials schools

- i don't know. i mean where does anyone learn you know through experience and just a lot through buzzfeed. - i went to a christian private school.

sex education materials schools

sex education materials schools, my sex education was put the boys in one room and thegirls in the other room and tell the girls about their period and the boys about whatever a boner is.

- i did have formal abstinence education where a guy came with a velcro mitt and was just like whenyou have sex with someone it sounds like this in your heart when you don't love them anyone. like he ripped the two mitts apart. - there was sex ed that i thought covered some good topics but itwas mostly on straight sex. - i wouldn't call it comprehensive.

i would call it like here's a video and here's a permission slip to have your parents sign and that's all we're gonna say about it. (funky music) - [voiceover] where inthe body do the eggs get fertilized by the sperm? - i'm pretty sure it's ovary. (buzzer)

it could be ovum. i think it's something that i know. - ovary. (buzzer) no, fuck. (laughs) - fallopian tube. - [voiceover] (bell) you are correct. - yay! - i don't care where it goes.

i care that it's going there. that's the thing. (bell) - [voiceover] it isrecommended that you wash your face this amountof times during puberty. - what does this have to do with sex? this doesn't have to do. - i wash my face twice a day. so i'm going to say youshould wash your face

(bell) twice a day. - had acne. know that one. - i mean that definitely keeps me protected from stds and pregnancy so very helpful for sex education. - [voiceover] (bell)boys in puberty typically experience the following. - besides just perpetual awkwardness?

- they get smelly, they get horny, and they get rude. - wet dreams and spontaneous erections. (bell) yup that's what i'm gonna go with. - i never really saw like a boner that i wasn't supposedto see in high school but i feel like if someonegot a spontaneous erection in class i like would have been like. - [voiceover] (bell) which of these

will absolutely not get you pregnant? - unprotected sexual intercourse or not having sex? - it's sort of like it's leading you to be like what's the only thing that will keep you not pregnant? (bell) not having sex! - that's a way that you could (bell) probably not get pregnant.

- [voiceover] (bell)this hormone is released by males and females atthe beginning of puberty. - progesterone. - i don't know what that is. it sounds like the sweetener in diet coke. - (whining) sophia! - i think it's progesterone. (buzzer) maybe what if it is the gonad one? (bell) that would be funny.

yeah. i'm gonna go with progesterone. (buzzer) - is it d? - [voiceover] mhm. - [voiceover] (bell) thesperm gets transported from the epididymis tothe ejaculatory ducts via the blank. - ok so we're gonna get itready to get out of here. - i'm gonna say the vas deferens (bell)

because vasectomy. - siminal (buzzer) vesicle. - it is the vas deferens. (bell) nice. - what is sexual intercourse? whatever you want it to be. no. (laughs) - the penis is put in the vagina, the vagina is put in the penis. (laughs)

- theoretically according to this like sex can't happen unless like penis is in vagina, correct? (bell) there is only one valid sex. it's penis and vagina. - there's a lot of ways to have sex. even if you are straight sexis not always going to be just a penis and a vagina. - i think it's important to know

like what the parts ofyour body are called but it could be a nice supplement to just be like ok so here'sa scientific version of it and here's justcolloquially how it happens. - i would hope in a sex ed class they're also learning everything from like the emotions that run throughhaving sex with someone to like std knowledge and contraception. - i think that schools think sex education

is like an advertisement for sex when really it's just a helpful guide map for later down the road. - we got ears, we got little armpits. and i'm not saying that's what i'm doing i'm just saying there are options. you know?


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