sex and relationship education in schools

sex and relationships education is really important for children and young people to learn about the physical and emotional changes they experience as they're growing up. it's also important for

sex and relationship education in schools

sex and relationship education in schools, them to understand things like consent sexuality, their rights in relationships what a good relationship looks like, what a bad relationship might look like,

to keep them safe from harm by introducing this education at such a young age it's actually going to be much more supportive of helping them to be curious about what's happening in their environment and to get safe messages and consistent messages from teachers which will hopefully support them to keep them safe in the future

if they learn about abusive and exploitative relationships then they will be able to identify when they might be in an unhealthy, difficult relationship and seek support to enable them to get out of that relationship and move to a place of safety it's so important that this is now compulsory in primary and secondary schools young people are now viewing

much more explicit imagery much more easily online from a younger age which is concerning but instead of being worried and panicked about this, having the compulsory sex and relationship education in schools will hopefully tackle these issues so that young people are aware of what they're seeing online instead of taking it for granted that

it's available and that we don't know that they're seeing it i think the development of resources is going to be crucial because they need to be age-appropriate, accessible for parents and just available for staff i think staff going to need training so that teachers really feel equipped to deal with all the challenges in the 21st century

there are new issues coming up all the time regarding the internet and safeguarding and so staff training, good resources and keeping parents informed is going to be crucial sex and relationships education should really be taught by trained people that really know how to speak with children and young people about these issues and some of

that is around the importance of balancing some of the images and things that they might see in the media or through viewing pornography online to really show what a real relationship looks like and what sex really is like rather than them having a fairly unrealistic view of what they're seeing and expecting that sex is actually like

what they're seeing online it's easy to pretend that whether it's sexual abuse or cse, it doesn't happen but it does, but if children have that knowledge then at least we give them the opportunity to a) talk about it if it happens or b) if they're curious about sex if you've got that dialogue going on already it makes it easier for them

whether to talk about talk about it to teachers or talk about it at home and i know that parents are saying well they don't want a school to teach them that but isn't it better that the conversation or the dialogue started somewhere and then parents can take that on rather than we pretend that it doesn't happen, it doesn't matter and

young people that have experienced sexual abuse have to carry that and deal with the fall out of that 10, 15, 20 years down the line i wish we lived in a society where we didn't even have to ask the question what the relevance of asking that question was, 'why is sex and relationships education important?' i'd love it if we

were at the stage within society that we just fundamentally understood the need for children, young people and parents and carers to see that children need to learn about themselves about the environment they operate in. i know we want all children and young people to be safe, to never experience anything distressing or harmful, to be able to develop to

their full potential but we can't ignore that this isn't the life experience of lots of children and young people and that children your people are not always safe and we also can't place the burden of keeping them safe onto the children and young people themselves, but we can give them some information and knowledge which will help them to traverse their

pathway through life and also give them the confidence when things are going wrong or when they feel unsafe that they can talk to somebody, that they know who to talk to and they actually can take that step it shouldn't be a choice that you can opt out of doing this, you need to do this and our every day working experience

demonstrates that


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