more sex education in schools

often times, people think ofresidents of california as uber libs who just want to talk sexwith their kids all the time. but that's not the case, it'sreally not, at least in the cupertino school district, wherethey decided to do away with a comprehensive sex ed curriculumthat the parents did not like,

more sex education in schools

more sex education in schools, because it actually talked aboutsex. more than 150 parents came outto a cupertino union school district board meeting earlierthis week to protest a new sexual health educationcurriculum, that would have

defined angel, vegetal, and oralsex. as a result, the updatedcurriculum failed to pass the board. so, a bunch of people signed apetition to do away with this curriculum, and it worked. and it's kind of incredible,because it doesn't seem like the curriculum taughtanything out of the ordinary, it just taught thefacts. the data in it was explicit, oneunknown parent writes, "it

was extremely provocative. it was written with too muchsuggestion. the entire book ã± the entire approach was allabout perform, not about inform. the entire assumption made bythe curriculum that we reviewed was that all of our children arealready sexually active." keep in mind that this would betaught to seventh graders, and that does sound very young, butwhat a lot of parents don't get

is that ã± is that a lot of seventh gradersdo become sexually active, so you want to educate them asmuch as possible. you don't want to wait untilthey are ã± you don't want to wait until after they aresexually active to educate them? let them fuck around for awhile. you want to get ahead of that,let them make some mistakes. some life altering mistakes. this happened in cupertino, isthat the cupertino where

apple is located? so these people are living insilicon valley, and they are worried about a curriculumat school about sex, and not worry about the internet? that's such a great point. if your kid has a computer and acell phone, it's all over already, so this might be someactually intelligent, mature grown-ups who gets talk aboutthis in the right way, instead of what your kid gets all day,which is being talked about in

the wrong way, which is online. i'm told living in cupertino isin itself a form of abstinence. i just had to get that in there,i'm sorry. you know, you guys preemptivelychanged my mind. i was going to shock the worldand say that i partly understand the parent concern. you want to show them how to puton a condom, and make sure they understand that your penis canturn green if you get syphilis, so don't do that, yadda yadda,but do we really have to get

into anal and oral. it and get a little squeamish. into anal, i get you. on the other hand, jimmy makes adevastating point, which is, who cares? the minute they are online, theycan search donkey sex, so cares. is done with. so you might as well say, hey bythe way, that donkey sex is not as safe as you think it is,okay?

you might want to put on acondom. no, don't do it. they have strong back legs. that's true, that's anotherhazard. parents are always going tobelieve what they want to believe, and these are the typesof parents who don't want to believe that their kids arelooking up questionable stuff on the internet. not my kid.

my kid wouldn't do that. he's got some bad friends, butmy kid wouldn't do that. he's got the sex drive. do we not deliver what we werelike when we were 13 years old? remember when we were 13 yearsold, all the crazy stuff we would think as there was no sexed, and we had to figure it all out ourselves? at first you are like, andwhat to do all this stuff! and then later they go, howdare you do all these things

that i did back then? you do become more conservativeas you get older, even if you are a super liberal person. but my experience in sex ed fromback then kind of informs a little bit my opinion on it,because i'll make up the name, but it's pretty similar to hername, miss pomegranate told us crazystuff. she was like, now when all ofyou boys are in a circle jerk. so then you immediately got intoa circle jerk right?

no, i waited for wrestling. i had no idea what it was atthat point, but by high school we were like, circle jerk? no donkeys involved? get out of here. so, i get that you have to do itin seventh grade, because that's when they hit you ã± that's whenthey hit puberty and are super curious and might begin to acton those things and you've got to educate them, but yeah, inthe old days sometimes they did

go too much, that's why i wasgoing to have some sympathy for the parents, and that's why youhave to rein in the miss pomegranate's of the world. i know your opinion has shifteda little bit, but is that because you thought it wouldinfluence them to try it? because a lot of times that'swhat the conservative argument is. my little johnny would neverhave done that until he was given these ideas.

i mixed on that, because anotherpost game ã± to become a member and get allthe post games - i talk about the first timesomebody told me about how two males can have sex. and i was like, what? i never thought about it,i think i was 15 at the time and it blew me away. that did not make me think, oh,now i see what i can do. but, for some folks, it willmake them think that, but at the

same time they were likely gayalready. but of course that will bothersome parents, it will, and we have to keep that real ã± wehave to keep it real about that. that doesn't mean we shouldassuage them. you are a parent who doesn'twant your child to learn about facts related to their bodies orsexuality, that's fine, you can keep your child ignorant, butjust have your child abstain from that class. you can do that.

here's what happens, when itcomes to sex ed, parents have to sign a form indicatingthat you are okay with your kid taking best ã± taking theclass. if you are not okay, don't letyour kid take the class, but don't make all the other kidssuffer from being ignorant because you want your kid to beignorant. how about that? there's nothing inherently sexyabout sex and. if you think about the peoplewho have to stand in front

of the class, they ã± it issome volunteer who probably doubles as a lunch lady, andthey stand up there with the banana and they are doingthe thing. it's not jessica alba reading 50 shades of gray, there's nothingsexy about it. that would be worth funding. they make it sound like a hotporn star is going up in front of the class to readcosmopolitan tips about how to make your man cum.

if they are talking aboutperformance, then i would agree that's a bit much. but if they are talking aboutkeeping it safe, then we have a deal. and like jimmy said, don't worryabout what's happening in schools, worry about what's ontheir phones and laptops.


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