sex education in michigan schools

3 police have now submitted four warrant requests in the sexual assault investigation of three m-s-u football players.the

sex education in michigan schools

sex education in michigan schools, prosecutor says she recieved the fourth request yesterday -- but has asked police to get more evidence before she will

make a decision on charges.the three athletes involved in the investigation will not be named unless charges are made. today, the university's president reassured students that although charges are slow-coming -- the investigation is being taken

seriously. "i understand that many in our community may be anxious and frustrated by these recent developments. people might conclude these developments indicate a culture problem here at michigan state. let me be clear, we are committed to

created a culture of both accountability and safety and responsiveness regarding sexual assault and harrassment." the university announced earlier this week the name of one person suspended alonside this investigation ---- curtis

blackwell, a staff member for the football's still not clear what role he played, if any, in the reported assault.


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