sex education in muslim schools

bathroom wasn't fun when we go overtalks about politics foreign policy anis also dismissive theories once they have a live in the fall on hishands on about sex uh... united nations line of theseagainst sex education but as always has called for reasons asto why

sex education in muslim schools

sex education in muslim schools, or expect can't spend ever sent that weston drawing right then but youknow while you worked in the majority there i really like you don't have to forcedtheir sexuality stuff

uh... into their white shirts sectorpoured it was never intended to be that way they'll find out soon enough andthen in fact uh... it's amazing to me rick actually band kind of interested bright putting along time without anyone ever having to give ussex fared uh... a lesson to everybody you know we pay like all god's peopleare too stupid to actually uh... forced them to show and listen to instructions they use justincredible

one of my favorite things in the worldis when you get that kind of my new uses for that where louis gomer talks about have people thought might be too stupid to doso scalded mare specular didn't do it all right so isle of this in the funny thing is he thinks is beingreally brilliant with the sport is laughable people of pay them outsidefor a long car ride in the know deadhead

game here but millie the thing dot a lot of times diseases because agreement i mulled forever and icame in it was a little bit of a different timethey were looking for a middle aged twenty five but a and saying i will

they didn't really use or need birthcontrol wheels war louis so one ninety seven twenty gym teacherstalking about this how you have great sex we're teaching them to becareful tonight did pregnant you know pregnancy was the more workerswill be did you know that okay but you know one denoted here whichis what because this is a classic republican just a m i remember walking back

animal in berlin today the dow herewhere we're going out for it to order two and out of the date the state knowingly until my lease birth control and of course you hate that i know and how to uh... of war admiral disease i don't know what your situation is abut

but why you'd want to kids to not know that all right but he's not done yet he'sgotta bring the soviet union to this how evaluated inside a wall builders live here withthe palace of the radio program still look as if i want to miss this and editor bearing natural albeit that ko it should be involved in educationthey should know about they should be

part of the training aspects but i thinka lot nature alan keyes were just talking about it this weekend when itwhen we were together that the other such an important part of nature and theyet that is a very thing there are some legal rules will not take away and itreminds me so much uh... there some other that i was uh... theychanged in the soviet union back in their seventy's and i was shocked whenthey were saying you know that children don't belong to parents might belong tothe state and i think they're actually any playing a part of their childrennegative about the wonderful soviet union pac then we will take theirchildren away independent somebody

markers are open and i just bought ahorribly shocking that was then of course track parents who want to go outto kill or not this pate and i thought well thank god that that we don't havethat in our country maalox saying that coming well with the lighting from msnbcsaying a jewellery belonging to another state dot the children and it just sentchills because it took me back to the seventies leaving is there some sizzling over doesnot have to use uh... i i carry elaborated curryre-argue amway lily so the the the resistor

and by the way if he was on the oppositeside to immediately of a conspiracy theory about how he was brainwashed whenhe was the soviet union is a major intended anyhow here's a conspiracy theory themuslim brotherhood is secretly taking over the government i mean he's going to be able to olympus this fall white house now was a brother bones inthem meeting while this guy was hanging outin the soviet union

wildcard answer that lately what annette but you know fun fact you know the co brothers initially madea fortune their father built the company he built that by doing huge contracts with joseph style no joke

look it up then later he felt guilty abt maneuverconservative you could give enough money to therussian people who stalin murdered instead mhm he can really the coast kept it into their own form of extremism herebut back to louis for one last second isshi and happy i am there well wired and can't wait

dates that karen deeper and we can check again steady what interstellar gomer or my impersonation lugo


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