sex education in schools marathi

- i've never talked abouta dick in my life, o.k? - penis! penis! penis! penis! penis! - buzzfeed presents:women talk about penises how much do you know about the penis? - nothing. i didn't payattention in fifth grade.

sex education in schools marathi

sex education in schools marathi, - i think i know a lot. - i know a little, but i'm confident thatit's intuitive enough to like, really figure it out.

- sometimes pee comes out of it. - you think that you'rean expert on everything. - i am, especially the penis. - circumcision: the processof cutting off the foreskin. it is done for religiousor medical reasons. whether or not it isnecessary for health reasons continues to be up for debate. - i'm jewish, so, thisis my bread-and-butter. - you cut something off the dick.

- it's for hygiene purposes as well as to form a covenant with god. - i just know that theforeskin is snipped, - but i wouldn't- yeah. feel confident ever, um -- - this guy's circumcised, right? - performing that. well -- - cause, right?

- i'm not seeing a, a hood. - there's no hood. - but people are against it now, because they think that ittakes away the sensitivity. - that's bull (beeping). - wait, how do they do itwithout cutting the penis? - sperm & semen: sperm is a cell that is producedby the male sexual organ and that combines with thefemale's egg in reproduction.

semen is the sticky,whitish liquid containing the sperm cells as wellas other components. - [women in teal] i didn'tknow there was a difference. - spermies are the littleguys floating around in semen, which is the fluid that they live in. - sperm is what impregnates a woman. it's what goes into the egg. - the sperm is the tadpoles, and the semen is the gook.

- they're spelled differently. - sperm swim in the river of semen. - exactly, that's beautiful, that's beautiful poetry. - wet dreams: also known as a nocturnal emission, it is an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep. - a wet dream is whena boy is really horny

in his sleep but he don't know it, and then he wakes up and it's like, boom. - teens, uh, they're full of hormones, they're not having asmuch sex as they want, so they just gotta come in their sleep. - that would suck to wake up to. - yeah, just a wholebunch of semen everywhere. - like, what, do you guys wear diapers to bed or something?

- what are you gonna do? you're dreaming about some boobs and ... - it's like effortless masturbation. - girls can't have those. - yeah, you can. - well, that's ridiculous. - the prostate: a gland surroundingthe neck of the bladder in male mammals that releases a fluid

during ejaculation thatis part of the semen. - i could not know less about any of this. - like if you have an enlarged prostate. it makes you have to pee. - you don't know where the prostate is? - i have no idea where the prostate is. - that's where most of the men's, like, pleasure feeling is. - it's like the clitoris of the man.

- this is how patriarchy hurts men, too. because it doesn't allow you to feel the most pleasure you could feel by having fingers up your butthole, because they scare youaway about being gay. - i know men get cancer from it. - i just know the exams are uncomfortable. - if everyone could just, like, embrace smashing the patriarchy,

men could have really great orgasms from their buttholes. quote me on that. - does the prostate haveanything to do with diabetes? - no! - blue balls: a slang term for the painfelt in the testicles, caused by unsatisfied sexual arousal. - very aroused male human.

- balls like, whissh! theylike, expand or whatever. - and then can't finish his excitement. - my thing is, do yourballs actually turn blue? i don't know, cause i'm not gonna look. - that's real, it's a real discomfort. - i don't know if it's true. i feel like it's something a guy made up to get girls to give hand jobs. - why, if he's gonna make something up,

why would he just get a hand job from it? - blue balls are so sad. - would you rather have a penis? - it's less maintenance. - i don't like the idea of having a penis, cause there's, like,something between your legs that's just dangling there. - i don't need to adjust all the time. - a penis is so uncontrollable.

- doing all kinds of tucks andworrying about these tucks. up-tuck, down-tuck, side-tuck. - i feel like it would becool to get a boner, though. - i wish i could pee everywhere. - and like, it'd be nice not to like, have that time of the month. - that's true. - i have a dream to writemy name in the snow one day. - i think you could learn.

- i feel like i'd playwith it all the time. like i wouldn't be able to stop. - what a way to have a secret. if you have a penis you havesuch a secret, you know? nobody knows what you're packing. - [purpled haired women]yeah, but nobody knows what vaginas look like-- - [woman with bangs] butit doesn't really matter. - [purpled haired women]yeah, that's true.

- [woman with bangs] in a room of people you always have a secret.


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